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call in user 1
what? an all hands meeting without donuts?
liz, admin
if a man can do it in two weeks, i can do it in one.
jessica, sr dev
i picked a bad week to quit unit testing.
eddie, tech lead
you kids do everything the hard way!
gary, sr dev
i have 2 career goals: direct and deposit.
sue, dev
whoever dies with the most tools wins.
tyler, dev
leave me alone! i'm busy!
kim, jr dev
why is the food here so bland?
pranay, jr dev
i just have to tune this one little thing. oops.
jose, sysadmin
yes, we can build it this week. and yes, for a discount.
bs, sales guy
corporacity sagatiates our aerogumfragated apocratumption.
piggy, consultant
when will it be done?
it's complete. we never thought this day would come.
pam, ba
you're not a team player!
dunning, manager
i solve problems almost as fast as i create them.
nero, vp
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