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leonardo, what's the status for mona lisa?
nero, vp
if her eyes come out ok, i'll be done friday.
call in user 1
the medicis don't understand why the promise date moved out.
dunning, manager
that's because they changed the specs from a man to a woman.
call in user 1
michaelangelo, what did you do yesterday?
i painted adam's finger, but i had to knock off early.
call in user 2
the pope is waiting!
nero, vp
because the scaffold crashed and had to be rebooted.
call in user 2
jackson pollock, why is #31 only 80% complete?
dunning, manager
it's done. i just got drunk and forgot to update jira.
call in user 3
mark twain, what's the problem with "huckleberry finn"?
pam, ba
everyone complains about deadlines, but no one does anything about them.
call in user 4
einstein, why is "e=mc2" late?
dunning, manager
it was rejected by peer review for one character variables.
call in user 5
hemingway, when can you demo "death in the afternoon"?
nero, vp
it's 3 p.m.
how about now? don't move.
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