Josh is a systems administrator. His job is to keep the I.T. infrastructure up and running. He loves to tinker and has the perfect mentality for this job.

Josh loves what he does so much he wants everyone else to understand as well. So whenever he fixes something, he explains what he's doing every step of the way. It's almost like your mechanic saying, "All I have to do is link the transmission to the router pin, restart the electronic ignition services, reboot the fuel filter, and crosslink the accelerator to the MP3 player to make this thing microwave popcorn!" Everyone smiles politely thinking, "Just fix it. Please."

Josh loves being on the team and really appreciates management's uncanny ability to make everything 10 times as complex as needed. That keeps him busy until the next management team changes it all over again.

Inspired by:Gregg, Chuck, Robert, Tom, Paul
Primary Motivation:optimizing everything
Pet Peeve:people who don't understand how technology works
Catch Phrase:"I just have to tune this one little thing. Oops."
Biggest Accomplishment:never had down time more than an hour
Favorite Movie:The Matrix
Favorite book:The Corporate Programmer Survival Guide

How Josh is Drawn

Josh is drawn with 0 rectangles, each with a border and some with rounded corners or slanted angles. These rectangles are described by data stored as arguments that are converted by software into HTML that your browser displays as pictures. Check out this Javascript example of code you can play with to alter my characters or create your own. Here are Josh's arguments:

The Resulting HTML:

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