Press, Testimonials, and Other Nice Things People Have Said

Mat Honan, Gizmodo

...when Weissman weighs in on something, people who matter very, very much tend to pay attention.

Colin Wright

Once again Ed expressed my thoughts more completely, clearly, and authoritatively than I ever could. Thank you. Again.

Bruce Saunders

Ed's advice works because he presents himself for his customer to clearly see the value he creates. He spells it out. Its less about talking about yourself and more about talking about them.

Abbas Mehdi

After working with Ed we came out a million times better. If you are sincerely looking to improve your situation then you have my recommendation to take Ed up on his offer.

Yash Chandra

Whoever reads Ed, please pin it to your wall or whatever it is you pin to. Couldn't have said it any better.

Vince Yuan

Thank you very much for the golden words, Ed. I wanted to complain about something, but your words let me be confident again.

Chuck McManis

Ed's advice should be pinned up on the wall, great summary. Once this person gets focussed on solving problems for customers, they will be very successful. - IBM Watson Group

Kiss Gyorgy

Read Ed's free PDF book, jump out of the bed and start learning.

Shubham Jain

Ed Weissman made an eBook out of his contributions on HN. Certain of his opinions can be disagreed with but there is a lot of wisdom in his comments.

D. C. Toedt III

See also an excellent follow-up comment at HN byüber-poster Ed Weissman.

Reg Braithwaite

Reading Ed’s words from a positive perspective, I find them inspiring and reflective of my own experience.

Akshat Sharma

Ed Weissman's advice seems like coming from someone who has been in the business of programming for centuries.

Josh Sharp

I think Ed's points are good complement in terms of actually building your product and managing your time.

Dzung Nguyen

Ed always has a kind heart :)

Barry Welch

And do not underestimate how important this piece is: "...and keep me posted." Now go, and to great things worthy of honor.

Gleb Esman

"The reason you're stuck is because you're too focused on yourself. Remember, it's not about you. It's about others." This line is worth the price of attendance.

Sean Linehan

I cannot relate to much of the letter writer's story, but nonetheless Ed just got me so fired up. This is all such damn good advice! Thank you! - Director of Product,

Ryan Waggoner

And then there are the folks who have such an intelligent and unique voice that you can tell who the comment is before you see their username (patio11 and edw519, to name two).

B. Muramatsu

“The Best of edw519” is now free. This is the “free” version of a book written by Ed Weissman. It’s an interesting read for budding computer scientists and software engineers.

Joshua Valdez

Follow Ed's style and break down the problem mentally before coding anything. Maybe sketch psuedo code. This will help the interviewer understand how you think.

Alex King

How do you achieve laser focus and concentration? – Ed Weissman – I can see this working – I just wish I had more coding time.

Kevin Burke

Talk to Ed before starting business to business b2b startup.

Kyro Beshay

Really, really motivating. I relate to the letter writer in a lot of ways. Thanks for sharing this, Ed.

Jason Bosco

A Really Good Book: The Best of Edw519 - a Top HN Commenter

Akshat Sharma

I liked reading about programming habits from Ed, especially about reading and analyzing code everyday. His way I can reproduce my entire codebase from my memory.

Gleb Esman

When I asked famous spiritual teacher a while ago about "being depressed and how to solve it" - Ed's advice was exactly the answer I was given.

Darren Newton

Ed Weissman posted his collection of tips and advice for programmers. It was amazing stuff. It is loaded with gems for folks making a living as a programmer. I highly suggest reading it.

Bartek Filipek

Book from Ed Weissman is a unique book with unique style, a nice, readable book. EDW is a titan, I hope that everyone after some training and practice, can be half as productive as he is.

Matt Mazur

Ed Weissman...Most of his stuff is thoroughly thought-provoking.

Evan R. Murphy

When I read an insightful comment, I glance at the author and see that it was Ed Weissman. He has a voice that sounds of wisdom and decades of experience in the software business.

Adnan Siddiqi

Thanks Ed! That's all I can say at the moment. - Solution Provider / Consultant

Timothy Wiseman

Ed made a beautiful comment and I think you add a lot of good thoughts. - SQL Server DBA

Jonas Hietala

Today I read the best comment so far about the topic by hacker news regular Ed Weissman.

Tautvidas Sipavicius

The e-book “The best of edw519“ by Ed Weissman should definitely be on every programmer’s to-read list.

Steve Buckley

How do I find a 'good' recruiter? Hacker News member Ed Weissman sums it up pretty eloquently right here:

Daniel Tenner

Very smart advice. I wish I'd read it a few months ago.

Auston Bunsen

I am with Ed - make yourself extremely useful, to the point where you are a "superhero" build stuff that is going to make other people in the company's lives easier!


Damn, what can I say? Thanks Ed! Will take your advise to heart. Will make sure that I deliver stuff from now on, rather than empty talk.


I have multiple personality disorder, my personalities are "me in the zone" & "me not in the zone". We both know each other exists, we respect each other, but we have never met. Brilliant.


Ed's logic really resonates with me. I guess I need to see it as an investment rather than a waste of time - that really turns the entire thing around quite a bit! Thanks :)


+1. Ed's suggestion of 100% peer review is the only process change that has been implemented any place I've worked in the last 18 years that seriously and lastingly improved code quality.


Ed's points highlight exactly how I feel.


Ed pretty much covers it. Stuff happens. Good project managers will adjust and move on. - Software Architect and Project Manager in Washington, DC area.


Product Manager at a Fortune 500 technology company here. Definitely agree with Ed.


Yep Ed, this exactly.


Ed's feedback would work for me.


That's a very inspiring reply, thank you :-)


Very, very well said.


I would like to work for a leader like Ed.

Herding Cats

Ed Weissman scripts a hilarious (and unfortunately typical) scenario where a critical 1 line change takes 6 days to ship due to complicated and inefficient processes.


Agree with Ed!


ed's right, finding them and figuring out people they need isn't easy. But once you *do, you have a huge advantage over all the others.


Ed really hits the nail on the head.


Good advice, Ed. You should always ask their pain points and have suggestions. Even if you don't know the answer, you can at least learn something by asking the question.


Ed's advice: THIS!


Excellent list, Ed.


Ed, wow that's amazing! Thanks for putting that together. I'm going to read it on my kindle later.


I like this :) Good motivational/inspirational post for everyone.


"If you're a programmer, your prime is still 20 years ahead of you. (Believe me, I know.)" - Ed. The single biggest thing I got out of this. Thanks for your $0.02 Ed.


A lot of stuff Ed says is sound advice. :-)


That Ed, is very good advice. Thank you!


Superb advice Ed, very superb. Thanks a lot.


Great advice, Ed. Not in a similar situation myself, but your reply is quite a motivational treasure.


Another one to add to the Best of Ed


Thank you, Ed. This advice is very valuable for me at least.


Thanks Ed. Great advice!


Ed's advice is very well put. Concise and constructive.


Excellent list of suggestions by Ed!


"I believe that there are two ways to get good at anything, push and pull." - Ed. This is a great way to describe different ways of learning. I'll be using these terms again. Thanks.


Well said. Really resonates with me. - experienced programmer and software architect.


Very motivating, Ed. Let me quote you.


I've been a reader of Ed for some time now and I am amazed at how you pull it off.


This and a thousand times this. If you don't want to code - you are wasting your time being a CS major. - Programmer, Entrepreneur.


Agree with Ed entirely!


Ed's advice is great food for thought!


This sounds great, I'll try this. Very great advice!


Great advice; rings true.


Ed said that naming is one of the most undervalued activities in programming. His comments got me started to use clean and consistent naming.


Ed makes a great observation.


HN has always appreciated humor -- just of a very special type. Ed's profile is filled with heavily-upvoted comedy.


I upvote Ed before I finish reading his comments all the time...


Check out Ed's book if you haven't seen it before; he has posted some incredibly insightful stuff over the years, one of the best programming reads I've ever seen.


I think Ed said it best, clever architecture can be far more important than clever code.

Jolene Myers

Grab him!

Art Greenberg

Ed was head and shoulders better than anyone else we worked with.

Pam Fannin

Ed is a wonderful programmer.

John Zimmerer, SGI Phoenix

SGI + Ed Weissman = Instant ERP

Andrew Farah

Loving programming. I did a little @edw519 dance more than once the last two days.

Sean Murphy

I agree with Ed that there are enormous opportunities for startups in the B2B or Enterprise market.


I'll drink to this comment.

Leslie Montfort

I would most definitely recommend Ed.

John Quinton

The reason we bought a package was because we didn't have 6 Ed Weissmans.

Prakhar Srivastav

I've found Ed's comments on this subject highly enlightening. If you're looking for something inspiring / actionable to read, checkout his collection

Pauli Olavi Ojala

Wow, excellent answer.


Not to forget another gem from the same book that I ardently recall when it comes to self-doubt: "Don't make the mistake of underestimating yourself."


Thank you for formalising into words what I have felt for quite some time. This comment resonates with my core beliefs. Virtual high five!


From time to time I also read "The Best of edw519: A Hacker News Top Contributor".


I upvote Ed before I finish reading his comments all the time...

Margaret Moran

You can actually read Ed's code and see what it's doing.

Clifford Crestodina

Ed is amazing.

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