Sprinting in Molasses

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Reviews for "Sprinting in Molasses"

"Finally! Someone has the guts to say what's really going on at work. Thank you, Eddie!"
Jessica Hashmark, Senior Developer

"People always thought I was lazy, but the real reason I never did any work was because of management. Eddie shows how this happens."
Kim Lee, Junior Developer

"We used to get so much done at work, but after 27 acquisitions, we get nothing done anymore. Eddie tells the story of how we went from first to worst."
Gary Codeslinger, Senior Developer

"I'm glad there are pictures inside. All of our other documentation is too difficult to understand."
Dunning Kruger, Manager

"I'm so proud to be selected as Employee of the Month, but I think that Eddie's comics make me look fat."
Liz Bugtracker, Administrator

"I don't know what I'd do without Eddie's comics. Now I have something to read during All-Hands Meetings."
Sue Doe, Developer

"This is the only place I ever worked. You mean it's not like this everywhere?"
Tyler Typemaster, Developer

"Now I see why Eddie's projects are always late. He's too busy with his comic books."
Dartboard Jones, Project Manager

"Everyone offshore wants to be here. Imagine how much more so if we actually got anything done."
Pranay Venkatasarasimharajuvaripeta, Offshore Coordinator

"I bought this but haven't had time to read it yet. I'm always in a meeting."
Pam Whadayawant, Business Analyst

"Corporacity sagatiates our aerogumfragated apocratumption."
Pig5 McKay, Consultant

"Great comic book! And just wait and see how good Version 2.0 will be!"
BS Vaporware, Sales Guy

"I love how Eddie's comics are automated. Now we can all hang out in the break room while software generates the next issue."
Jose, Systems Administrator

"Do not buy this! It's obviously fake!"
Nero Fiddler, V.P.

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