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Reviews for "Serving 9 to 5"

"Eddie complains alot about meetings in his comics. But he wouldn't do that if he had come to our meeting about meetings."
Pam Whadayawant, Business Analyst

"Eddie's comics remind me that I'm only 843 days from Social Security. Or if you work here, parole."
Gary Codeslinger, Senior Developer

"I still don't know why everybody laughs at Eddie's comic books. What am I missing?"
Dunning Kruger, Manager

"Some days work does feel like jail. Except that they don't get Eddie's comics in jail."
Liz Bugtracker, Administrator

"Now people can realize that it's not just me complaining. Work really does suck as much as I say."
Sue Doe, Developer

"Eddie's comics show what you have to put up with at work when you love what you do."
Tyler Typemaster, Developer

"If it wasn't for Eddie's comic books, I'd probaby get so upset at work that I'd have to smack someone. Oh never mind. I think I'll smack them anyway."
Kim Lee, Junior Developer

"Work does suck but I'm still glad that none of my bosses has any idea what I do."
Jose, Systems Administrator

"Why is it that the guys who complain the most make comic books?"
Dartboard Jones, Project Manager

"Once again, Eddie's comic book tells it like it is!"
Jessica Hashmark, Senior Developer

"No matter how bad it gets here, it's still better than back home. They release us at lunch time to get Five Guys!"
Pranay Venkatasarasimharajuvaripeta, Offshore Coordinator

"Corporacity sagatiates our aerogumfragated apocratumption."
Pig5 McKay, Consultant

"Another great comic book by Eddie! Discounts available!"
BS Vaporware, Sales Guy

"Do not buy this! Eddie is not a team player!"
Nero Fiddler, V.P.

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