Dumm Bosses

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Reviews for "Dumm Bosses"

"Our bosses are so dumb that they don't even know how dumb they are. Thanks for reminding us, Eddie."
Sue Doe, Developer

"I love how Eddie makes comics about what everyone sees but is afraid to mention themselves."
Jessica Hashmark, Senior Developer

"We always thought American bosses were supposed to be so smart. Eddie shows us otherwise."
Pranay Venkatasarasimharajuvaripeta, Offshore Coordinator

"What a great deal! You're stupid if you don't buy 'Dumm Bosses' today."
BS Vaporware, Sales Guy

"It seems like there are more and more days at work where I have nothing to smile about except Eddie's comics."
Liz Bugtracker, Administrator

"The only thing dumber than my dumb boss is not reading Eddie's comics to see how dumb they really are."
Jose, Systems Administrator

"How could I be the dumbest one in school and the smartest one at work? Smart classmates? No. Dumb bosses."
Tyler Typemaster, Developer

"Thanks, Eddie, for another great comic book to remind me that I'm not going out of my mind. They really are that dumb."
Kim Lee, Junior Developer

"Only 812 days to go before I can return to the sane world. Thanks, Eddie, for reminding me."
Gary Codeslinger, Senior Developer

"I would be offended by Eddie's comic books if I could only understand them."
Dunning Kruger, Manager

"Blaming dumb bosses for everything being late is stupid."
Dartboard Jones, Project Manager

"Another great comic book from Eddie. I wish I had more time to read them."
Pam Whadayawant, Business Analyst

"Corporacity sagatiates our aerogumfragated apocratumption."
Pig5 McKay, Consultant

"Do not buy this! Eddie is not on our approved vendor list."
Nero Fiddler, V.P.