Do bosses lie?

Just a little personal experience:

BOSS: "There will NOT be a layoff."

REALITY: There was a layoff.

BOSS: "There will be no more layoffs."

REALITY: There were more layoffs.

BOSS: "This will be the last layoff."

REALITY: There were more layoffs.

BOSS: "I will be the next person laid off."

REALITY: He wasn't. Someone else was.

BOSS: "I am instituting 35 hrs. pay for 40 hrs. work."

REALITY: It lasted one pay period before the layoff.

BOSS: "The corporate jet will be the next thing to go."

REALITY: The corporate jet was still in place after the layoff.

BOSS: "Customer XYZ will pay their bill next week."

REALITY: Customer XYZ never paid their bill. Layoff instead.

BOSS: "Finish this project and we're in the clear."

REALITY: The project was finished. Then came the layoff.

BOSS: "Indispensable employees will be spared."

REALITY: No one was indispensable.

BOSS: "We made our numbers. We'll be OK."

REALITY: The SEC and IRS disagreed. We went out of business.

BOSS: "U.S. manufacturing is solid and protected."

REALITY: 400 jobs shipped to Haiti within 90 days.

BOSS: "A layoff will be the last resort."

REALITY: Layoff + executive auto leases still in place.

BOSS: "I will promote you next week."

REALITY: The company newsletter reported his girlfriend getting my job.

BOSS: "Just help me get through this and I will reward you."

REALITY: I helped him get through it. He didn't reward me.

Sorry to say, moral of the story:

Q: How can you tell if the boss is lying?

A: His mouth is moving.

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